I know… you were expecting “JUST SOLD! JUST SOLD! LISTED! LISTED! LISTED!”…. me telling you how much money I’m generating!  I get these emails all the time from other agents, and I suspect you’re getting them too. 

But… no…. I’m interested in your age! 😊

What a rude question, you may be thinking!  How dare she ask me my age!?!

Well, not really.   There’s your physical age and your spiritual age.  I’m more interested in your spiritual age.  Have you been growing spiritually?

At birth, our hands are clenched in a fist, we are crying, we want to drink mama’s milk! And we want it now. We don’t care about mama being tired, and the fact that mama should be sleeping at night.  As babies, and in early childhood, we think only of “I”.  There is no, or very little, spiritual growth at this stage.

Fast forward to our peak physical age, when we die.  It is a hope that by this time we have also reached our peak spiritual age, and we die with our hands wide open.  It is a hope that we have learned that life is not about “I”, but about “we”, and we hope that the “we” has encompassed not only our spouse and our children, and their children, but also beyond that.

This ideal journey of spiritual growth is a process that begins with feeling the pain of others.   We feel that pain strongly enough that we take action and we do what we can to help.   The depth of pain that you feel translates to how much action you will take.  Will the feeling for others be so strong that it will make you cry?  The feeling for others, or empathy, is what allows us to reach our peak spiritual age.  It’s empathy that drives us to care and the desire to open our hands to help. 

“Ben Adam” means person in Hebrew (actually, verbatim it means the son of Adam, as in Adam and Eve).  “Gadol” means big in Hebrew.   “Adam Gadol” means a great person, and represents a person who is fully grown spiritually.

In reality the more “gadol” we become in our respective business worlds, the more others want to crush us.   Others are concerned about us being “gadol”, but they are thinking “gadol”, or big, in terms of monetary gain… how much business we have, which translates to how much money we are making.  It bothers them that the “ben adam” has, or may have, more than they do – how unfair!  The focus of the “gadol” should always be on spiritual growth.  Help those in our circles.  Because the real “adam gadol” is the one with his/her hands wide open.