Some prefer to hire a local agent, even if they do not have probate experience or even significant real estate transactional experience. Others insist on hiring a probate expert regardless of the distance of the agent to the property.

I asked a number of those that insist on a local agent: “why only a local agent?”

Their typical response is “The local agent knows the market better. The local agent has their finger on the pulse of the neighborhood”.

On a personal note, I can tell you that having sold properties all over California, it is very simple to become a “local expert”.

I do visit my listings anywhere in California as standard practice, and meet with my clients there.

So how does one become a local expert without being local?

The internet has a wealth of information about neighborhoods, towns, and cities, and the latest happenings and news!

There are websites that provide information and rating about the quality of schools in each neighborhood.

Google maps satellite data provides me with a look from above. I zoom in to the subject property, zoom out to the neighborhood and then quickly zoom in to various locations in the neighborhood to see what the streets, shopping, parks and other points of interest look like within a certain distance of the subject.

I then look at the street view of the subject property and “drive” the streets around the property to get an additional impression.

It is quick to subscribe to a local MLS for a few months to sell the property to the local market. Once subscribed to any MLS in California, I’m able to study the comparables that are local to the subject property, derive an appropriate CMA from the same data that a “local agent” would, and list the property in the same MLS as a “local agent” would.

Over the years I have subscribed to over 30 different MLS systems and then unsubscribed once the property or properties there sold, and would re-subscribe when needed.

So, an experienced probate broker, can quickly become a “local agent” and provide you with advantages that a “local agent” may not be able to provide.

And who will do that open house you ask? I have local agents all over California who love to conduct open houses.

When working with me, you end up with a probate experienced agent that is also a “local agent” no matter where in California your property is located.

For more information about this or other probate real estate related topics, please contact me at 323-606-1919 (call or text).

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