This is the story about my dentist. My “current dentist”. And it has to do with probate real estate so please read on (and if you need to read the post more than once to understand the connection, please do).

Let me be clear. I think Dr. Corn is amazing. So, he is my “current dentist” and until he retires hopefully not anytime soon.

Maybe your dentist is amazing, but read on just in case.

I walk into a tiny, yet fancy reception area, say hello, and each and every time I am immediately invited to come to the back to see Dr. Corn. There is never a wait. Dr. Corn replies back with a hello and also asks a question or two about the situation related to my teeth. He does have an assistant, and she is very nice, but he does most of the work, including teeth cleaning. He is more thorough than any person that has ever cleaned my teeth. I think he is passionate about them!

He is as honest as they come. Never tried to offer me services I did not need and if something can wait, or is not critical, he tells me so. You don’t have to believe me that he is great. Check out the tens of five star reviews he has on Yelp.

One more thing.  When I am there, which is usually for an hour, I rarely hear the phone ring. I am just not sure how he stays in business and supports his family. I cannot imagine ever telling him that he is the best but that I need to also see other dentists, to spread the business around. Would you?

So if you live on the westside of Los Angeles, and are not satisfied with your current dentist, do give him a try.

He is located at 8920 Wilshire Blvd #406, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 and his office number is 310-854-1845. When you call him, tell him you heard he is the best and you would like to experience this for yourself…